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Introducing the AML Generator Chat Bot

Daan Theoden
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Introduction to the Aras Innovator Development Chat Bot

We created this simple Aras Innovator development chat bot using OpenAI. This tool is designed to enhance your experience with Aras Innovator by streamlining the process of generating AML queries. Below, we’ll explore its key features and provide a link to try it out yourself.

Key Features of the Chat Bot

The Aras Innovator Development Chat Bot offers several key features to improve your workflow:

How the Chat Bot Enhances AML Query Generation

Using the chat bot simplifies the creation of AML queries through its interactive and context-aware approach. Whether you need to retrieve, add, update, or delete items, the bot can generate the appropriate AML code quickly and efficiently.

Try the Chat Bot

You can experience the Aras Innovator Development Chat Bot by visiting the following link: Aras Innovator AML Generator Chat Bot.


The Aras Innovator Development Chat Bot is a valuable tool for anyone working with AML in Aras Innovator. By leveraging OpenAI’s capabilities, this bot helps you generate AML queries faster and more accurately, enhancing your overall productivity and efficiency.

Give it a try today and see how it can streamline your AML query generation process!

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